A heart-warming tale of adventure & intrigue written by prof. actor/writers Burke & Hagan. A blend of Martial Arts & American Values - script for sale. Painting of Mushin by Kosi Gramatikoff, Costa Mesa kendo Dojo, California    Home


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The four basic principles of Aikido: Hara-Mushin-Shizen-Kiai
Ryan's Den is a two hour screenplay written by J. Burke and T.R. Hagan

Ryan's Den is a mythical place in all our hearts... that bastion of safety where you can live a healthy, wholesome life in relative safety and raise a family based on sound moral principles and love. Sadly, this idyllic life seems to be pure fantasy for most of us living in the 21st Century. It hearkens back to a time perhaps 100 or more years ago, a simpler time, when hard work and family values could carve out a lifestyle in an agrarian based society, a time which was slower paced, less technologically sophisticated, and more in touch with nature and the community, and where the family unit was focal point of life.

The story of Ryan's Den is a heartwarming tale of family adventure and intrigue. It is an unusual blend of engaging elements which include American baseball and a waterfront horse ranch in the Sacramento River delta in northern California. Sam Ryan is the star centerfielder for the San Francisco Giants baseball team. At 36, his days of athletic glory are mostly behind him. Looking to raise horses with his wife Joanna, and two adopted boys, Jujiro, a Japanese boy, and Lukka a Native American boy, Sam is searching for new directions and new meaning in life.

The story blends fast boats and vicious doberman guard dogs; an indomitable stallion and a mountain lion named Lisa; and a healthy dose of Japanese martial arts, culture and wisdom as well.

Aikido The wisdom presented in Ryan's Den in based on the principles of Aikido, a uniquely 20th Century martial art, founded by Morihei Ueshiba. Sensei Ueshiba taught the 'Art of Peace' as a creative mind-body discipline, as a practical means of handling aggression, and as a way of life that fosters fearlessness, wisdom, love, and friendship. He interpreted the Art of Peace in the broadest possible sense and believed that its principles of reconciliation, harmony, cooperation, and empathy could be applied bravely to all the challenges we face in life - in personal relationships, as we interact with society, at work and in business, when dealing with nature.

Through the principles of Aikido, everyone can become a warrior for peace. This is the important lesson Sam Ryan learns in his trip to Japan.... and through his quest everyone who sees this film will learn these life-changing principles and develop ki.

A synopsis is available and the full screenplay can be requested via email by legitimate parties interested in producing the project for film or television. We are also interested in obtaining representation with an accredited literary agent who can help bring this script to production.